Who We Are

We are Pintilie + Partners Architecture & Engineering: a team of professionals who design buildings starting with a deep understanding of our client's activity and needs.

We have started our company in 2003. Experience has taught us that a healthy growth is based on:

  • the success of each project, as a premise for client satisfaction
  • knowledge of new design technologies (BIM pioneers from 2003) and new building technology
  • building a stable design team with continuously developing competences
  • always adapting to the design market requirements.

In the field of Building design there are opposing design criteria: utility vs. aesthetics, optimal structure vs. layout flexibility vs. architectural object composition, low investment value vs. low maintenance costs and low energy consumption, latest architectural fashion vs. users and passersby preferences, private vs. public interest and many others.

Our projects aim to achieve the best compromise between the different and opposing design criteria. We believe that there is no good solution for every kind of problem, rather optimal solution for each individual problem.

We have accepted and are still accepting complex technical challenges, far outside our competitors comfort zone. This is how we have gained experience in efficient management of such challenges: varied production and storage technologies, high rise, large spans, different structural systems, special foundations, water tight excavations, lowering underground water level, different kinds of deep excavation support and many others.

Our mission is not just to design beautiful and useful buildings, but also to help build feasible projects for our clients.

Our Clients